This institution is facilitated with a library which contains a number of books on the subjects of study along with Periodicals, Magazines and Daily Newspapers both in Tamil and English.This College Library has been automated through MODERNLIB software with Bar code Technology. It is maintained properly by a qualified Assistant Librarian. The total number of books available at present are 7494 in Tamil, Mathematics, Tourism, History, Computer Science, English, Commerce, Encyclopedia, General knowledge, Competitive Examination etc. Reading Room is also provided with two computers with Internet Connectivity for the use of students at free time.
Our College library is facilitated with the "Book Bank Scheme" for the welfare of Schedule Caste Students. Each Student has the facility of taking two more books apart from the usual two books taken on tickets. He/She can retain the books till the end of each semester. He/She can take another two books only after returning the books which were already taken.

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