The INTERNAL QUALITY ASSURANCE CELL was established in the year 2015 with its objective of sustenance and enhancement of quality education. It focuses academic and administrative activities of the institution by giving constructive suggestions regarding the functioning of various functions of the College like student enrolment, student participation, motivation, quality improvement, promotion of quality research culture, enhancement of infrastructural facilities and support services. With the Principal as Chairperson, meetings are conducted periodically to discuss issues relating to academic performance and non-academic matters of the college to foster efficient organization and maintenance of credentials pertaining to the staff and students. Also, IQAC assists the college authorities in formulating various action plans and strategies to increase the institution's performance by carefully assessing its strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities. The Cell organizes various programmes and seminars/workshops for the benefit of teaching and non-teaching staff.


• To develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution.
• To work towards the internalization and institutionalization of quality enhancement.
• To facilitate the sense of belongingness in participative mode with various units of the institution.
• To establish procedures and modalities to collect data and information on various aspects of institutional functioning and individuals.
• To ensure the education offered here to be effective and efficient with high standards.

IQAC Committee

1. CMA Dr. W.V. Balaji, Principal, PKAC
2. Dr. S. Kanagavel, Asst. Prof. of Mathematics, PKAC
3. Mrs. Jayamarie Sujatha Tamby, Asst. Prof. of French, PKAC
4. Mr. P. Charles Christopher Raj, Asst. Prof. of History, PKAC
5. Dr. J. Pamela, Asst. Prof. of English, PKAC
6. Dr. G. Soudravalli, Asst. Prof. of Tamil, PKAC
7. Dr. Sabu. K. Thangappan, Asst. Prof. of Tourism, PKAC
8. Dr. A. Senthamil Raja, Asst. Prof. of Commerce, PKAC
9. Ms. R. Krithiga, Asst. Prof. of Computer Science, PKAC
10. Mr. V. Anbarasan, Asst. Librarian, PKAC
11. Dr. V. Indira, Asst. Prof. of Mathematics, IQAC Coordinator, PKAC


Various programmes such as Workshops, Seminars, Faculty Development Programmes are periodically conducted to enrich the knowledge of the faculty members as well as the students.

Activities for the Academic year – 2016-17

NAAC Certificate


The IQAC consolidated the Academic and Extension activities of all the department in the college and submitted the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) to the NAAC.

AQAR 2016-17

Contact us

Dr. V. Indira,
Asst. Professor of Mathematics & IQAC Coordinator,
Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Arts College,
Puducherry-605 107
Tel: 0413 - 2641381
Email: pkaciqac@gmail.com