Department of Computer Applications

About the Department

The Department of Computer Science offers Bachelor of Computer Applications (B.C.A) Program and was launched in the year 2010. The objective of the department is to attain a high quality computer literacy rate in the rural area and impart state-of-the-art computer techniques/technologies to the students from humble backgrounds. The department aims at equipping the students with computer skills that will help them to be creative, innovative and expert. Besides the curriculum based teaching-learning, the department also conducts workshops, seminars and guest lectures periodically for the students to be aware of the recent trends in the industry and compete efficiently in the global digital market. The faculty members of the department are highly skilled, well-experienced and dedicated towards teaching. Slow learners are identified by the Department and remedial classes are provided to the students. It is a fact of pride that the alumni of the department are currently serving at various prestigious avenues. The department has a well-equipped computer laboratory that is installed with features such as wall-mounted projector screen, audio/visual aids,high-configured computer systems with UPS-Power backup facility, 1:1 student to computer ratio and persistent high-speed internet connection.

Faculty Profile